4 Signs it is Time for an Acura Repair and Service

4 Signs it is Time for an Acura Repair and Service

Many drivers know that it is crucial to service their cars regularly, but some rely solely on their vehicles' mileage to determine when it is time for maintenance. Some drivers skip maintenance in the repair process. We will discuss some tell-tale signs in this blog that it is time to bring your Acura in for repair or service aside from routine appointments.

The Engine Is Too Noisy

Engines indeed make noises. However, excessive noises indicate that all is not well under the hood. The oil in the vehicle provides a thin protective layer to the engine parts, preventing them from coming into direct contact when they move.

You will hear loud engine noises caused by the grinding and hammering of engine parts against each other when the oil becomes low or worn out. You should schedule Acura auto repair services to avoid more complicated repairs in the future.

Poor Fuel Economy

You may have noticed a change in your gas mileage. While different aspects of the vehicle could explain why it is inefficient, they all point to a problem with its oil-less engine that needs attention before any damage!

The engine will not receive adequate lubrication when running low on fluids, like transmission fluid or hydraulic lines. The machine will have to work extra hard to produce the same performance you are used to; this performance will result in excessive gas consumption. Schedule an oil change and vehicle service appointment with your nearest Acura auto repair shop.

When the Oil is Dark or Low

Visually checking the oil level is one way to determine when it is time for vehicle service. You can tell how much oil you have left by checking it now and then. The dipstick readings will help you determine whether or not you require an Acura service appointment.

You can also tell if your engine oil needs replacement by checking the color. There may not have been enough left, but if it is dark, you are running low on fuel and should make an Acura repair or service appointment with a professional soon! The transparency of clean oil is amber-colored, while cloudy or brown indicates the time for Acura repair or service.

Too Much Exhaust Smoke

The exhaust pipe behind your Acura is to produce some transparent vapor. However, you should be highly concerned if the tailpipe begins to cough out too much colored smoke. It could indicate issues, such as leaking oil or defective engine components. This is an indication that you require service.

Contact Poway's Precision Automotive in Poway, CA

One of these indications should prompt you to schedule car repairs. To schedule quality service and top-notch Acura repairs, call Poway’s Precision Automotive at (858) 208-4067 today. We have all the genuine Acura parts you need. We specialize in Acura and Honda cars in the automotive industry, which means our great service can handle any Acura vehicle!

Whether you need an oil change or have some major repairs, our team is here for all of your Acura repair needs. If there is anything about these engines, including their condition or when they need replacement, give us a call at Poway’s Precision Automotive shop on Poway Rd, Poway, CA.


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