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Vehicle Battery Replacement in Poway, CA

Battery replacement is one of the most overlooked areas of automotive repair. Batteries are vital to the proper functioning of modern vehicles, and they contain dozens of control modules (computers). Without a consistent, clean power supply the vehicle can exhibit all sorts of drivability symptoms and warning lights on the dash. If your car needs its battery replaced in Poway, CA, come to Precision Automotive.

Why is my battery light on?

Contrary to what you might think battery lights usually do not come on because the vehicle battery has failed. They usually come on because the vehicle has sensed that the alternator is no longer charging the battery. A battery at rest will put out around 12.0 volts, but with a proper charging system with the vehicle running that voltage will be boosted to close to 14 volts. When the battery light comes on it usually means you are on borrowed time to get the vehicle somewhere to be repaired. The vehicle is running solely of of the battery, and as soon as the voltage drops to a certain point (usually 10 volts) systems in your vehicle will start to shut off. once your ignition and fuel system shuts down, the engine will stop running.

At Precision Automotive we have ASE-certified experts and advanced-level tools to properly test your charging system, and can give you a definitive answer to why your battery light is on in Poway, CA, and what needs to be done to fix it.

Why is my vehicle not starting?

There are a number of reasons why a vehicle may not be starting, a dead or defective battery is most common, but why did my battery go dead? If your car is not starting in Poway, CA, have it towed to the professionals at Precision Automotive for a proper diagnosis.

  • It could be that the battery has exceeded its service life; batteries only last 4-5 years, some less, some more depending on conditions.
  • Were any lights left on or any other sources consuming power? Maybe a charging device was left on a power outlet that is on all the time, maybe a map light got left on or a door left open.
  • Another common failure for a vehicle that does not start may simply be a poor battery connection. Often roadside assistance companies that replace batteries do not properly attach terminals, or they install a cheap battery that leaks acid and corrodes connections. This can lead to a host of electrical issues that can mask other failures as well.
  • Another less common problem is a battery drain by a defective control module. These kinds of problems require special tools to diagnose to isolate where the drain is coming from.
  • It could even be the starter itself. The starter may need to be replaced. - this is where a proper diagnosis by a trained technician will save money on proper testing and replacing ONLY the parts that are needed.

Does it matter where I get my vehicle's battery replaced?

There are many battery suppliers out there, and most will not make the cut. Cheap, low-quality aftermarket batteries that you would buy at the local parts store or installed by a towing service can do a lot of harm to your vehicle. They tend to leak acid, corroding the terminals. Eventually, the battery terminals and sometimes even the cable assemblies will have to be replaced. Also, the steel mount and inner fender panels that the battery attaches to can corrode.

A poorly constructed battery can also wear out prematurely. At Precision Automotive we are finding cheap batteries only last about 2 years before the car will not start.

Proper installation of the battery may seem simple, but again this is an area we find is easily overlooked. Terminals are removed and installed using a special terminal expander.  Then they are cleaned for proper contact. If corrosion is left on the terminal, it will make poor contact. Felt Isolators are installed on the terminals to prevent corrosion.

Another installation pitfall is the battery mount itself. The battery is heavy, weighing 30-60 pounds. If the battery came loose in a collision there are plenty of metal parts under your hood for it to short out on, potentially causing a fire. It is vital that the battery is secured to reduce the chances of an electrical fire.

Get your vehicle's battery replaced at Precision Automotive in Poway, CA

Do you have starting issues, or weird electrical issues going on with your vehicle? Give us a call and we will run a charging system test as well as perform our vehicle inspection to diagnose the problem. Replace your vehicle’s battery with Precision Automotive in Poway, CA and experience a car battery that lasts! All our battery replacements have a 3-year / 36,000-mile guarantee. 

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