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Vehicle Battery Replacement in Poway, CA

Battery replacement is one of the most overlooked areas of automotive repair. Batteries are vital to the proper functioning of modern vehicles containing dozens of control modules (computers). Without a consistent, clean power supply the vehicle can exhibit all sorts of drivability symptoms and warning lights on the dash.

There are many battery suppliers out there, and most will not make the cut. Cheap, low quality aftermarket batteries that you would buy at the local parts store or installed by a towing service can do a lot of harm to your vehicle.

They tend to leak acid, corroding the terminals. Eventually the battery terminals will have to be replaced, sometimes even the cable assemblies. Also, the steel mount and inner fender panels that the battery attaches to can corrode.

A poorly constructed battery can also wear out prematurely. At Precision Automotive we are finding cheap batteries only last about 2 years before the car will not start.

Proper installation of the battery may seem simple, but again this is an area we find is easily overlooked. Terminals are removed and installed using a special terminal expander.  Then they are cleaned for proper contact. If corrosion is left on the terminal, it will make poor contact.

Felt Isolators are installed on the terminals to prevent corrosion.

Another installation pitfall is the battery mount itself. The battery is heavy, weighing 30-60 pounds. If the battery came loose in a collision there are plenty of metal parts under your hood for it to short out on, potentially causing a fire. It is vital that the battery is secured to reduce the chances of an electrical fire.

Having starting issues, or weird electrical issues going on with your vehicle? Give us a call and we will run a charging system test as well as perform our vehicle inspection to diagnose the problem. Replace your vehicle’s battery with Precision Automotive in Poway, CA and experience a car battery that lasts! All our battery replacements have a 3-year / 36,000-mile guarantee. 

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