Poway Fuel System Service

A fuel injection system service is important for most vehicles to ensure top performance and fuel efficiency. Over time, fuel systems (especially in GDI vehicles) will become built up with carbon deposits that can lead to to hesitation, poor gas mileage, loss of performance, and rough idling. At Precision Automotive in Poway, CA, our shop has the latest equipment to remove rock-hard carbon build up in the fuel system for most makes and models of vehicles.

GDI or, Gasoline Direct Injection, is a type of fuel injection used by many vehicles. A multi-point fuel injection injects fuel into the intake at low pressure, unlike the GDI engines which consists of a common fuel line injecting gasoline at a high pressure directly into the combustion chamber of each cylinder. Due to the high pressure, carbon deposits can form within the intake system which can cause problems over time if they aren’t removed.

Our fuel injection service will:

  • Restore power and efficiency
  • Lower harmful emissions
  • Make your engine run smoother

At Precision Automotive in Poway, CA, we offer convenient services, highly skilled technicians, expert craftsmanship, and quality parts. We also offer a 36 month or 36,000 mile nationwide warranty on our repairs. Our shop has a comfortable waiting area with free drinks and we also offer complimentary loaner vehicles for customers. If your vehicle is due for a fuel system service, stop by the professionals here at Precision Automotive or give us a call today!

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