Poway Fluid Leaks

If you notice a fluid leak underneath your vehicle, the first thing to do is check the color of the leak and where you see it coming from. The color and source of the leak can help you identify where it may be coming from. Some leaks are more serious than others, and the best way to understand the cause is to have your vehicle inspected by one of our experts. Here at Precision Automotive in Poway, CA, our ASE certified technicians are experienced with most makes and models of vehicles and can help with any fluid leak your car may have.

Fluids can leak due to a number of reasons, and the severity of the leak can vary depending on the source. It could be condensation, brake fluid, antifreeze, or other fluid within your vehicle. Here are some of the main fluid leaks and what they can indicate:

  • A clear, large puddle area underneath your vehicle is just condensation from the A/C system, and is no cause for concern.
  • A green fluid leak is usually antifreeze, which can start to leak when hoses, fittings, or clamps are worn.
  • A brown leak can be motor oil, brake fluid, or gear lubricant.
  • A red or pink color leak can stem from the transmission or power steering system.
  • A yellow leak can indicate a radiator coolant leak, which can be caused by a loose hose clamp or a damaged o-ring.

The sooner you have your vehicle inspected after noticing a leak, the better. A brake fluid or transmission fluid leak are major and needed to be repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage or system failure. The experts here at Precision Automotive will help locate the exact cause of the leak and get you back on the road safely! Don’t hesitate to stop by our shop here in Poway, CA or give us a call today.

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