5 Car Noises You Should Never Ignore

After constant use of your vehicle, you start to become familiar with the many noises that your vehicle may make and what is normal. However, there are certain noises that may happen unexpectedly that can indicate there is an issue with your vehicle, and should never be ignored. As soon as you hear any of the following noises, bring your car into our shop for an inspection. 

Chirping or Squealing Sound From the Wheel

A cyclic chirping or squealing noise coming from the vicinity of a wheel often indicates a wheel bearing or axle bearing that is failing. Usually the noise will change with the speed of the vehicle, and it may come and go at various speeds. This noise should not be ignored because if the bearing fails, it may cause the wheel to lockup or come loose from your car.

Scraping or Grinding Noise When Braking

If you hear metallic scraping or grinding noises when braking, it probably means your brake pads are worn out and your vehicle needs a brake job now. Don't delay because worn brakes may not be able to stop you vehicle in a safe distance.

Hissing Sound from the Engine

If you hear a hissing sound from the engine compartment while driving or after turning the engine off, it may mean your engine is overheating and/or leaking coolant from the cooling system.

Clicking or Tapping Noise from the Engine

The clicking noise is coming from the valvetrain. If oil pressure is low because of a low oil level in the crankcase or a problem with the oil pump, the hydraulic lifters that open and close the valves may collapse creating an increase in valve lash. A deep metallic rapping noise can be caused by worn connecting rod bearings, and may indicate your engine has reached the end of the road.

Exhaust Roar

If your exhaust system has a leak, you will hear exhaust noise coming from under your vehicle that is loudest when accelerating. The noise by itself won't hurt anything, but it does mean your exhaust system needs repairs (probably a new muffler or pipes).

As soon as you hear any of the noises listed above, don't hesitate to bring your vehicle into the professionals here at Precision Automotive. 

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