Monthly Archives: August 2019

Ways to Remove Stress from Your Daily Commute

Driving daily in traffic can be stressful, especially when vehicles are bumper to bumper and everyone is rushing to get to work on time. But arriving already stressed out to work can hinder your productivity and mood, so learning ways that you can help de-stress yourself on your commute can be extremely beneficial.  If you're looking for ways to de-stress during your work commute, here are some of our recommendations to try:  Find a good podcast to listen to on your way to work. Getting involved mentally in a podcast can get your thinking going and take your mind of the stress of your commute. Be sure to start up the podcast before you hit the road, that way you aren't fidgeting with your phone on the road.  Make sure your cell phone is out of sight on the road. Especially if you have a work phone, because seeing work emails and messages pop up while driving can be distracting and put even more stress on the drive.  Plan ahead and give yourself plenty of ... read more

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