Benefits of a Premium Oil Change

Benefits of a Premium Oil Change | Precision AutomotiveIs your vehicle consuming oil between oil changes, and requires you to add oil periodically?

As manufacturers try to lower emissions, they use piston rings that reduce friction.  As a result, the piston rings can easily become stuck with carbon deposits. This will cause lower compression and oil escaping past the piston rings into the combustion chamber, causing the vehicle to burn oil.

Our premium oil change includes a cleaner that is ran through the engine before draining the oil to loosen up the existing carbon, then an additive is poured into the new oil to condition the new engine oil.  This combats sludge in the engine, provides longer oil change intervals, and reduces engine oil consumption keeping piston rings from sticking.

If your vehicle is using oil between oil changes and you notice the oil level is low, we advise you ask about our premium engine oil service. If you have been going extended intervals and not been following recommended maintenance schedules, we would also recommend this service to prevent any future issues. 

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