Will I Void the Warranty If I Don't Go to the Dealer for Service?

Do I Have to Service My New Car at the Dealership?

The answer is NO!

One common misconception in the automotive industry is that new cars MUST be serviced at the dealership to avoid VOIDING the Warranty. This is not the case, as the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act explains: “It is illegal for a dealer to deny your warranty coverage if someone else performs your maintenance."

See the BAR (Bureau of Automotive Repair) recommended video on the Magnuson Moss Act. This act includes any repairs or modifications done to the vehicle as well.

There are many benefits to using an independent repair shop versus going to the dealership.

Personal Service: Dealerships tend to be high volume, there is not always a personal relationship. At Precision Automotive in Poway, CA we know our clients by name and strive to personalize our service.

Warranty: Most dealerships only offer a 12-month / 12,000-mile warranty on parts and labor. At Precision Automotive in Poway, CA our warranty is three times that! We have a 3-year / 36,000-mile warranty, and it is nationwide!

A Staff That Really Cares: We hire the best people; all of our technicians at Precision Automotive have decades of experience and are ASE certified. They are here because they love cars and love being an asset to the community of Poway. The level of craftsmanship in our shop is tough to match!

We are Highly Skilled: Dealers often use lower-skilled labor for lower-skill repairs, like the oil change technician may be inexperienced and new to the industry. This may not be a big issue draining and filling engine oil, but they are often the technicians inspecting the vehicle as well. How do you help a client prioritize repairs, and perform a thorough check when you don’t know what you’re looking for?

Price: Often independent shops like Precision Automotive can acquire OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Parts at a better price than the dealer is willing to sell them for. These parts are essentially the same parts the manufacturer is using, just not with the manufacturer’s brand. This saved money on parts cost is passed down to our clients.

In conclusion, the myth that servicing your new car exclusively at the dealership is mandatory to maintain warranty coverage has been debunked. The Magnuson Moss Warranty Act explicitly protects consumers, making it illegal for dealerships to deny warranty coverage based on where maintenance is performed. This empowers car owners to explore alternatives, such as independent repair shops like Precision Automotive in Poway, CA. Interested in supporting a small, local business? Schedule an appointment today!


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