I think this is the FIRST time ever that I have walked into an auto shop and didn't feel like I was being ripped off!!! I can't say enough about the owner Dirk, the Manager Jay ... Even the guys working on my car! You can see these guys really know what they are talking about!! They are trustworthy and honest!! (and that's hard to find these days!!) The last time I was at Precision Tune I didn't really understanding what was wrong with my car ... so Mike (the guy working on it) had me come in the shop so that he could show me the problem. Now that is customer service!! I take all my business here and always will ... I recommend you do too!!


Amazing customer service! I came here for an alignment recommended by another shop. The owner Dirk was courteous and gave me an accurate estimate for services and was very respectful of my time. They also recommended other services they found while doing a full inspection of the vehicle. I opted not to do the other services that day-No pressure no OMG if you dont fix it today the wheels are gonna fall off. They were honest and realistic with me.... I returned a month later to have the recommended services done- my brakes. Same great service. I spoke with both Dirk and Jay. Its hard to find good people who you can trust, I am glad I found these guys Highly recommend!


I took my car here a month ago and I was pleased with the service it took the couple of hours they had left in the day and overnight but only because it was spur of the moment for me since my vehicle was dying at every stop and had lack of power for the whole drive there. I had a misfire on my car and they fixed it. To me the prices felt a little steep but then again I've very hesitant when it comes to spending money so. But one thing i didn't really like was that they seperated my Catalytic converter from the pipe that leads to the muffler on my exhaust in order to diagnose if it was my cat. Hammered it back together after saying it was ok, and now when I drive there is a rattling from my catalytic converter. 9might be the shield? but i've not had the time nor money to go back and get it fixed.) replacing a cat costs 300 bucks alone for the part. btw, I failed smog today at a different shop. They blamed my "ratty cat". The owners are really cool though. They were punctual about calling me when they said they would to ask me if I could authorized work that had to be done. They're good guys, I used this branch in Virginia!

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